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By Janine 28 Jul 2016

Dear Frank,
I have been doing some research on words used in prayer, or at the end of prayers, such as "Amen" and came across an interesting connection, as follows:
Numinous is from the Latin word numen, meaning "divine will" or "nod" (it suggests a figurative nodding, of assent, or "of command," or of the "divine head")...

English speakers have been using numen for centuries, with the meaning "a spiritual force, or influence."

We began using numinous in the mid-1600s, subsequently endowing it with several senses:

"supernatural" or

(as in "possessed of a numinous energy force")

"holy" (as in "the numinous atmosphere of the catacombs"), and

"appealing to the aesthetic sense" (as in "the numinous nuances of her art").

We also created the nouns numinousness and numinosity, although these are rare.


I am thinking of asking your opinion, please, here, Frank: Do you think that the term "Numen" might also be likened to the Latin root of the word "Nomen?" (as in nomenclature, like in biology sorting of species) to represent their particular class (name) or perhaps even the word that substitutes the Tetragrammaton which is also sometimes pronounced as Adonai as in the Divine name, or also with the word "Hashem" which in Hebrew means "THE Name," as well?

Was wondering, do you know if there is any connection between the root of the word "Numen" and "Number?" It is interesting to note, that in Hebrew, the root that has these three letters written in this order, N, M, and then finally N again, is indicative of the Hebrew meaning to count, and is also related to the exclamation that is used at the end of a prayer, "Amen!"

Finally, numen is further possibly associated with the concept of "bountiful-Manna," (from heaven!!!)...

I have been praying, Frank, and hope my prayers will be answered, to encourage more people to become vegan! There are three weeks of mourning, between two "Fast-Days" that occur in the lunar calendar on the 17th day of Tamuz, and the 9th day of Av the following month (next month) also known as "Tisha-B'Av" (teisha means nine)...

Now, since those two separate days are already recognized as fast days (observed by some Orthodox Jews, although not as stringent a fast, as on Yom Kippur) that are both observed to commemorate the destruction of the Holy Temples, and I am adding a sort of fast in between those two days that might be understood rather like it being a "juice-feast," and not a traditional, or totally "dry" FAST!

(No solid foods, nothing eaten, just drinking of beverages mostly fruit juices and water, and possibly some herbal relaxing teas like lavender, or Chamomille)...

What is interesting, is that the prayer development that I had in mind, Frank, might be an ongoing thing, adding to it as I repeat this custom year upon year, and it might be easier next time, bearing in mind that this is the first time I'm doing it (obviously it is somewhat still quite "new" in my mind, since it's in the beginning stages)...

Therefore, this is something that I have yet to work out, for the future, Frank, just in case anyone else wanted to join in, and possibly make this a group "Juice-Feast" at this time annually, between those two dates that I had mentioned above, and tie it into a segway to those not already vegan who wish to do a cleanse or detoxification prior to letting go of their former lifestyle and adopting veganism from a purer sense of the word, and being more content about leading a completely plain raw-vegan (or just a simplistic vegan) lifestyle, a simple pious way, and consuming more moderately, rather than abundantly, and creating less waste, less greed, and more compassion, in the process... in a sense that they are sort of purging from the less compassionate, and adopting a more compassionate lifestyle; does any of this make sense, Frank?

One of the things to emphasize (although Rabbis have indicated not to worry, since they imagine that there will never be any more sacrifices of animal origins again, and they should only be of vegetable sources)... However, I still want to make sure that there would not be any extremists out there, who might sway others to think otherwise!!! The fast or juice feast would call upon a progression of people, mounting to a critical mass, which in turn will spread all across humanity so that EVERYONE becomes totally vegan, and then there would not be a fear anymore of there ever being any more animal sacrifices, whenever the Third Temple were to be built, since all humanity would have compassion for all of G-d's precious creatures, all over the world! 

What are some of the logical conclusions I might mention, as benefits to becoming vegan, Frank? (From a spiritual point of view, especially!!!)

I have found that while veganism is an ideal, the benefits of the vegan lifestyle are so profound, that I keep discovering more and more reasons why going vegan makes so much sense, whether it be for animal rights, not causing pain or suffering to sentient beings, respecting non-human animals as beautiful creatures that G-d designed to share with us on this planet, and many other aspects of caring for the world in which we live, for the ecology, the environment, reducing global warming, averting disasters from climate change, and I could go on, and on, and on, such as feeding the starving, creating harmony and peace... Many Biblical verses seem to support the vegan agenda, and point to sticking to doing good deeds, and having good ethics, and the answer is clearly veganism --- the way we OUGHT to be living --- compassionately!

Prayers from you in particular, Frank, would be VERY welcome, indeed, please consider adding yours, as well. I'd like to eventually compile a list of as many as 21 prayers, one to be used on each day, of those days between the days of mourning that I had mentioned above, but maybe I'm being too ambitious??? Any ideas how this can be managed? Thanks!  


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