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By Pinky - 28 Mar 2016


I'm so delighted that I have found this website.

I live in Auckland, and just like you I am a vegetarian and looking for same minded people to fellowship with. Back in my country I used to pastor our home based fellowship, it was five years ago since I have discovered the Ancient writings the Gospel of Peace, The Gospel of the Holy Twelve and the Clementine Homilies that all point out of a Messiah whose main doctrine is vegetarianism, since my discovery of this Truth I lead the Brethren to repent of our ignorance and begin to live a cruelty free and peace loving life. A religion full of faith and  compassion towards God's lovely creatures.

My husband has been working here in NZ for 8 years, and it was only last year in October when we arrived here with my 3 children, we are all vegetarian. Today I'm looking for a vegetarian congregation that we can fellowship with, and this is the reason that I am connecting to you. There are many Christian churches here in Auckland but as with the same problem of any Christian vegetarian, we differ in belief and practice and for that I cannot dwell with them.

Please help me if you can refer me to anyone that I can fellowship with, perhaps a family, I am also willing to start a ministry if God is willing, because my calling as a preacher of Truth will never stop within me. I so thankful to our Loving Father that I have found people like you, I'm truly blessed! Praised God for the social media, I have joined a group of vegetarian people and someone referred me to your website.

In God's love,


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