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By Steve Kaufman - 23 Feb 2016

If memory serves me, Nick Cooney in the book Veganomics cited marketing research that showed that people will respond much more favorably to an "ask" if it's something they think they can do. If they don't think they can do it, their minds will immediately start to think of reasons why they shouldn't need to do it in the first place.

I think there is a time and place for hard-hitting messages, but they can be off-putting in some contexts. Just being right isn't enough - we need to convince other people we're right, and that can be a challenging task. No one message is best for all people or in all situations. So, we need to be mindful as we craft the "ask" about what our audience(s) are ready and willing to receive.

This is why I think marketing research is so important - we know what works for us, but if everyone were like us, we'd have a vegan world.


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