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By Joyce - 15 Feb 2016


I’m so glad you like the series.  When I get caught up with some more jobs on this home site, I could follow up with articles about how we can better nurture one another, and how we can better nurture our animals.  Seems to me that with all the dysfunction that’s going on “out there” and the obsession with technological devices, could be a lot of people do not have a very clear idea of what “nurture” means, and what it is for. 

Here again, in my opinion, nurturing is something extremely central to Christ’s message, and the church should have been focusing on teaching that for the part couple of thousands of years.  Anyway, what do you think, Frank?  Would it be good to follow up?  I don’t have much faith in “people” to pay much attention to those kinds of relationship areas in life.  They are too much “into” the superficial culture, and not having their own lifestyles “bothered.”  Or, do you have any other ideas I could write about that would really help the animals? 

God bless,

Joyce here in Spokane, WA

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