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By Craig Cline - 11 Feb 2016

Dear Frank,

Yes, I read your sermons, and I appreciate your writing them.  But think about the fact that you and (and I mean this respectfully) are "preaching to the choir."

Though it is the choir that receives your messages, it is not the choir that needs to get them.  It is the 2.199 billion "other Christians" who need to get them -- and in a much stronger and insistent fashion than has ever been the case in the past.

What I firmly believe we need, and what remains woefully undone, is for vegan Christians and pastors to journey forth TO the non-vegan Christians personally; to their churches, their pastors, and to them individually  .

They typically do not hear nor see ANY of the kind of content that you and your wonderful organization put "out there."  Sadly, "out there" is, for most Christians, a place that they don't want to go.  They willfully ignore your message, and remain complicit thereby in, quite literally, using, abusing, and ruining "God's Creation."

Even though they don't want to go, we must ask them.  And those who ARE religious, and who therefore have much in common with the "other Christians" ( others defined herein as those who do not, for whatever reasons they may purport to have, choose to embrace a vegan lifestyle), MUST force the issue and make the A.S.K.

That is among the reasons why I expect an organization like the CVA (which SHOULD be named the Christian Vegan Association, by the way; please ask Steve to change it, as I have already done) to become the leader in this regard that it should be. 

CVA, and, and other organizations should unify in the great Golden Rule-based cause and move forward collectively and directly to the religious and their places of worship, rather than hoping that they will somehow, someday, find their way into the Golden Rule-based vegan way of thinking and acting.

Decades of time have proven that they will NOT.  And that is exactly why we have to pointedly ask them to change -- and why we have to make a B-I-G deal out of it in the process.  

Isn't it high time that those who supposedly believe in the Golden Rule, yet don't fully extend and  practice it, be "called on the carpet" for their transgressions?


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