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By Lucy - 13 Dec 2015

As of about a year now, I have been living a vegan lifestyle. I never considered myself religious, yet still considered myself a morally just person. However, after taking the decision to become vegan have found a path towards God and the caring of his creations, and now consider myself a devote religious child (I am only 14 years old).

In school, we are learning about environmental destruction and part of my homework is to research environmental destruction. My religious education teacher is in denial of animal rights and how her oppression, enslavement and destruction of God's creation is contradictory to the way a religious Catholic should be living and has told me that my views are uneducated and wrong. I would be very thankful if you would therefore allow me to print some of your sermons and use your website as an example to her, and to hopefully educate her in her false beliefs.

Thank you.


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