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By Anne and Pete - 23 Oct 2016

Dear Mary and Frank,

Thank you very much for coming to the Wildlife Watch/C.A.S.H.  meeting.  Thank you, as well, for your generous offers of help.  I will be getting back to thinking about everything this week.

It was very nice to meet Kimberly, Iím sure sheíll be a great help.  We hope that the house closing happens soon.  I will pray that it does.

We canít thank you enough for your offer to help C.A.S.H. and Wildlife Watch through this difficult time.

Also, thank you for the great pumpkin rice pudding.  Iím going to enjoy it all week.  What a great idea!

Iím attaching a photo of my beautiful boy here.  He needs prayers as well.


Lots of love,

Anne & Pete 

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