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By Janine - 28 Sep 2015

Dear Frank,

Please once again, I feel as if I need advice again, Frank, from you, about something...

I tried to get someone at CSUN (the university where I'm studying, Cal. State-Northridge in the Los Angeles County area) to film me for about ten minutes long while I talk after prayers at the Synagogue and almost was confident that this would take place after the person in charge said she'd send out an email "blast" to students to volunteer (cannot afford to pay for a professional photographer) but not sure why nobody to this date has responded...

Now, the thing is that on the occasion when I'd forgotten and was writing down a note by mistake on Shabbat, I was reprimanded (they're sensitive about not doing certain things on the Sabbath) and might possibly frown upon anyone filming, and I thought that it would be better to find someone to do so candidly (as on candid camera without anyone being made aware of that) and to do so in the efforts of not offending anyone, or would that be untruthful, or disrespectful, since they might find out about it later on (particularly if I share these digital "viewings" publicly or even privately, but the point is that I do so very much wish for the importance of the "Words" to be shared, and the way you and I and other fellow vegans and animal rights activists see it, is that it points us in the direction of the "right" path (not killing, etc.) and what was the ideal "diet" (Garden of Eden) could be possible once again if we were all to become vegan again!!! People have to film atrocities under cover to get the truth out! I think the vegan lifestyle is the spiritual word of TRUTH!!!

Do you know of anyone living in Los Angeles who'd like to film this important talk in a way that would be hidden from view, and they could share the vegan meal with everyone, after the service has concluded, and mingle with with us all?

Am having a bit of a struggle with providing the vegan feast since someone in charge is "afraid" people won't be satisfied, but I am looking for good substitutes (for example it's well known that instead of cream cheese there's soy cheese, etc.) but have been having difficulties with fish, since I tried getting a substitute for smoked salmon but it was not "Kosher" and they only allow items marked with the kosher symbol, but they're allowing me to bring fruit salad that I make from fresh fruit, at least... and they'll provide the green leaf lettuce salads, and kosher (prepackaged vegan humus made from chick peas and am pretty sure you must probably know what that is like)... any suggestions about the fish, too?  They usually have a "dairy" luncheon type of a meal on Saturday morning/afternoon, that includes parve items such as eggs and fish...

On another topic have begun meeting with a vegan Rabbi, called Jonathan Bubis from Shomrei Torah Synagogue ("Guardians of the Bible") very suitable, indeed! and we're making an effort to investigate the origins of Parve (which is neutral, such items may be considered either to be "meat" or "dairy" from the point of view of Kosher) and did you know chicken was once in the dairy category before it was removed from there and put into the meat category? There's hope yet! Maybe a new "parve" would come about to exclude eggs and fish altogether, and that would be as close to vegan as one could get if they only "kept-parve" and never had the "dairy" or the "meat!" (you've heard of the term "Parve" of course haven't you?)

I am thinking of an essay with the title of "Beyond Parve!" (remember Jeremy Rifkin's book, "Beyond Beef?") it's also to become a play on words, as in the jingle I made up on the spur of the moment, Frank:

" follow a more spiritual path,
consider modifying your "Parve!"

(Path and Parve, do you see the connection?) When Parve becomes vegan, it could be pointing us in the right direction for what's the Truest choice, down the middle, least of the extremes, most peaceful of all, middle-ground, not offending either "side" neither meat nor dairy, meat is end of life --- slaughter, red, killing, bloodshed, and "milk" is white, pristine, innocence, childhood, infant, suckling, motherly, nurturing at the other extreme, namely the start of life!

By adopting a totally vegan (the New Parve) lifestyle, we're setting a new trend!!! Fostering peace. Advocating change.

Does any of this make sense to you? Do you know anyone who's keeping "Kosher" who only sticks to a "Parve" choice at home, and when eating out? (bear in mind, at its present state, parve does include eggs and fish, though, if one might be vegetarian, and "pesco-vegetarian" they understand this, or if they're ovo-vegetarian, but not if they're lacto-vegetarian, that would not be parve, do you follow? However, if we go "Beyond-Parve" as I'm advocating with this vegan Rabbi's help, then the eggs and/or the fish, are no longer parve! Comments?

Do hope I can somehow get someone to film my talk. Am not sure how I'm going to handle the connection though between parve and my Torah portion because nowhere does it mention parve, but I might mention that we're having a parve meal with no dairy or eggs or fish as they're used to having and explain why I'm vegan, or why I think it is important to understand the spiritual connection, love of peace, non-violence, not harming or hurting animals, and being merciful and compassionate, etc., etc...!!! 

Finally I heard Israel might become the very first VEGAN NATION! True, have you read about it, yet? It's posted on Vegan Woman...



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