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By Dana - 17 Aug 2015

Hi Frank -

Thank you so much for your input! I emailed the pastor with my concerns and he immediately responded - not agreeing with me, but disagreeing respectfully. In fact, he qualified the following weekend during his follow up sermon, that it is not appropriate to mistreat animals (of course, 'mistreat' means different things to different people!) and that there is room for different interpretations and disagreement among Christians. We shared a couple more email interchanges and it looks like I am going to go in and talk to him in person about this subject (eating meat in the afterlife) as well as what God allowed after the flood, what is His best intent, etc.

I am floored. Although I am not convincing him to be vegetarian, I am so encouraged by his openness and willingness to hear me and be respectful to my point of view. It's a start, and says good things about his character! I am praying that I will be gentle in my firmness, and wise in what I say.

I will let you know what happens, and also will contact you again, if I need support or have any more questions.

Thanks again!

Dana :)

P.S. - I am addressing you, Frank, because you are the only one with whom I have spoken and dialogued. Yet you sign off with Mary also and use the pronoun 'we'. Is it ok for me to address you in letters, or do you want me to address Mary also? thanks!

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