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By Dana 10 Aug 2015

Hi Frank -

I am on the verge of writing a letter to a pastor about insensitive comments re: eating meat. It is not like he does it every sermon; but he did so about a year ago and I felt the nudge by Holy Spirit to respond, and did not do so...then just the Saturday night, felt the nudge again when the comment was made. If we do not obey the first time, God circles back around and reminds us...:)

Anyway - he was talking about heaven/new creation and what we would have there, and said that he loved to eat meat and mentioned Isaiah 25:6, saying that this verse was substantiation that he would have it. what?!?! such nonsense. first of all, is this verse even about heaven? second, there will be no shedding of blood in heaven.

Before I write my letter, I was wondering if you had any input as to the meaning of this verse saying that God will give a 'feast with the best food and wine; the meat and wine will be the finest'. does it mean literally that God will give meat, as in flesh meat?

I want to be direct, but appropriate..bold but loving. do you have anything additional to offer?

Thank you, Frank! 

In Christ,


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