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By Pat - 28 May 2015

Dear Frank and Mary,

Thank you so much for emailing me about this.  I would like for you to call me but I am not a Bible scholar nor do I think I have ever really grown up in my emotions.  And the older I get the more emotional I become.  Ugh!

Regarding your statement: The other problem is that we need to separate the creation and heavenly will of God from the corrupt and evil ways of this world. Everything God directs about the fallen world, such as the verses you quoted from Genesis 9 has to do with limiting the evil in the world in the hopes that people would repent and return to God.

I think I know what you mean by this but maybe not.  I guess I donít.  I just canít understand how God could basically throw his most innocent and beautiful creation to the wolves.  By the way, I love Wolves and people are the wolves I am referring to but I am sure you know that.  All of us are sinners but most of us are not Evil.  I wish I had someone each week to talk to but no one I have ever known nor have been around has ever wanted to talk about these things, it seems they are just contented to bury their heads in the sand about things.  I would love to be able to do that but for some reason I am unable to do it.  It would be a lot easier on me if I could. 

I am so tired of hearing that if you really have Christ in your life then you are happy.  I love Christ with all my soul but I suffer each and every day and cry every day as if I am heartbroken; I suffer not for me but for the suffering of others both human and animal.  I canít stand to think of how much suffering there is.  I for some reason cannot be truly happy when I see and know of all the suffering of the innocent creatures and of good people.   I work at Princeton and I have a sister and 4 grown children although donít see them very often.  I have a decent relationship with 2 of my sons and my daughter and my sister but my oldest son stopped talking to me about eight years ago.  He by the way does not like animals nor the environment! I get along well with my coworkers but with everyone I know I keep mostly everything in all the time until I am alone because as I said I have never known anyone like myself although I know there are many crybabies and over sensitive people like myself in the world. 

Anyway I will stop now or you may not want to talk to me either.  In a way I am not all that upset with myself anymore because I know how I feel is real for me and if I suffer so for others pain that is the way I was made I guess because I have always been this way but I used to be able to control it better.  LOL  I donít want to frighten or push people away so I do control myself when I am around people.

Good grief I canít seem to stop talking:  LOL  I just get so tired of people saying things such as: ďJesus did not come for animals but for people!Ē  I agree completely with them but they take it to mean that animals have no souls and no purpose other than for our use in this life!  I just say well animals are innocent and donít need salvation but people do.  Arrrrrrgh!!! 

I just love the innocent so much I can hardly stand myself sometimes.

If you would still like to talk to me I think my home would be better than here at work even though I have a door on my office.  I often have coworkers or professors walking into my office for various reasons.

I must say I never thought you would say you would like to talk with me.  My home phone # in Browns Mills is 609-735-2854.  When is a good time for you and I can then make that time. 

Thank you so much. 



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