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By Joni - 28 May 2015

Hi Frank and Mary,

Since I am awakened to the horrible ways animals are used, abused and all I have posted various articles and sermons of yours on my Facebook page.  Well, I got a personal message from my friend that she accused me of throwing stones and she does not want to participate in that...she is tired of my activism.  Right now I have zero friends!  No one comes to visit me at all.  Is it because of my voice for the animals?  Perhaps it is me.  Maybe I am not a very nice person at all.  I feel like caring as much as I do about the animals is a huge wall between me and my friends.  Not one calls me or wants to see me.  They feel like I am judging them and so avoid me.  I am unable to go back to the way I was before so I guess this is my lot in life.  I am needing friends but have least not from the ones I have known all my life.  Just how can I navigate life this way.  I have met with vegan groups locally...well a half hour drive away at times but because of my husbands work schedule and our only having one car I am unable to attend the meetings very has been months!

I just needed to express what I am dealing with.  I am most concerned with being right with the Lord.  My friend is offended because she feels like I am saying she is not a Christian since she eats meat.  I did respond and say I know she is a Christian.  However, it is still difficult to think that Christians still want to eat meat after what I shared.

Thank you for reading this email.

I need friends and have none! 

Joni --


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