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By Karolin - 12 Mar 2015

Hi Frank and Mary,
I am reflecting on our telephone conversation and just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed it a lot! Not only that but I am just so happy about the wonderful offer because it means that you really believe in me.  I wish I was American for the reason that my mom would live here and then I could take advantage of it.  You know, working at the hospital taught me that life can be short and filled with diseases and I feel that my duty is to move back before that happens to my mom.   But, just the thought that you offered it to me means a lot!!!!  :)
Well, I am doing okay and hope that you are well. Had a couple of interesting conversations with patients. One who has been a Vegan since early in life after visiting his cousin's egg farm (some 40 years ago)....such a gentle man.....and one with a fun handyman who turned out to be a complete idiot...saying that he used to be a beef farmer and had about a thousand cows who are all hamburger now....he had no remorse and did not like what I had to say.......he works at the hospital and if I get fired for my opinion...well so be it (we are not really allowed to speak our mind like that)
On a god note, my room mate is almost there. I think she still eats fish when I am not around but other than that she is growing along well.....I am hoping that someday she will realize that fish can also feel.......
I was saddened to hear about the death of Sam Simon although I have never met him. He seemed to be a decent human being.
Well....I hope you are having a good night!
Again....thank you for all of your support....I could have never done this without it! more thing....have you heard about the cattle's rancher's wife who turned their cattle ranch into a sanctuary and became Vegan in Texas? Great story and wonderful woman.......if you have not already, I would love for you to connect! 
Okay.....this comes from the heart.....I love the two of you and I don't just say this easily (you know being German we don't use the that sort of expression unless we really mean it)
With that said....have a great night!!!!

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