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By Tams - 8 Mar 2015


Thank-you for the wonderful email.  I'm watching something occur that I just had to share....I reached out to several people before the initial launch of the sessions including two atheists that both have large followings in the animal rights social media world.  My father was an atheist - so I have always valued the opinion of other atheists.  

I asked the one if she would endorse the site after she looked it over in January.  Well...She never endorsed the site, but I have watched her posts change dramatically over the last three month into more loving kindness with the theme of the Session in many of her messages each month instead of her former more hateful posts.  I wasn't sure if I were just imaging these changes until two things happened: (a) Session Three was delayed for a week and she resumed more of an angry tone during that week and (b) tonight she has started posting about animal families which is the theme of Session Three that was released on Friday night.

She might not be ready to endorse SC, but it is humbling to know that she seems to be quietly working the sessions.  I just wanted to share that with you all.  Happy Sunday night.  


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