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By Patty - 2 Mar 2015

I am sorry I am still confused, because I wonder why God had it be that animals get to be killed for food for us, I don't understand this at all.  God can do anything including providing food for us without having to hurt a innocent animal. 

I love the cats but have gone through so much pain , I only fed 2 cats when I came here now I feed 30 of them, I have had to put up with people calling me names, and telling me they will beat me up if I don't stop feeding the cats, neighbors calling me crazy,  and the other thing too is that I am on disability and have had a very hard life.

I always wanted to be married and have a home, but instead I am alone, I am not trying to complain, but my dreams haven't come to pass, and I have invested 10 years now feeding the cats, and although I have a lady from a organization to help me with cat food, I have to go into my own money because the food goes fast.  I have put my own life on hold, I have a addiction I have to take care of, I hardly ever go out anywhere because I am always taking care of the cats, I am always worried when the food runs out, and then now the cats are getting older, I have found some of the in the shelters I have put out dead, one of my babies got hit by a car, another one just disappeared, and now with the horrible cold snow, like today I prayed so hard to God that it would snow and asked why does He have to have it be so brutally cold, I went out there and shoveled all over to help the cats and I am 59 years old a old lady, and I have to see them out there freezing, and I have depression and I come home depressed most of the time. 

I love God, do you think He gave me this to do, and does this mean I am helping His kingdom?   But please I just want to understand why haven't my dreams come to pass, I live here in this place there is a lot of addiction, and mentally ill people, and it brings me down especially when i came from a poverty filled life,  I prayed to God everyday to let me live in a nice place, before I came here I lived in a boarding house where they played loud music all the time, smoked pot, fought, screamed it was hell for me, I put in for this place because I wanted to have a apartment instead of a furnished room and live around normal people, instead I was put next to a alcoholic 80 year old woman, and I had to move from her, and then i gave up drinking for 5 years than moved over this guy downstairs who smokes pot, and smelled up my whole apartment which set me back to drinking, Has God forgotten about my dreams? 

I know I am asking you a silly question, but I was even told by God I was coming into money (and I am not crazy) and I felt I could get a home, help the cats better, give them good shelters and maybe have a shelter place built for them, and year after year winter after winter, I am still here watching the cats suffer, and watching me getting nowhere. I appreciate your advice.

With Sincerity


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