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By Patty 1 Mar 2015

Thank you.

Hello my name is Patty I hope this email gets to you.  I am very confused, and hurting over this.  I am a animal lover, and feed over 30 feral cats and have given them shelters outside to keep them warm, it has been very hard on me for a lot of reasons , but I did this because I couldn't stand seeing these cats suffer.  I love God so much, but I have trouble understanding why He would let innocent animals suffer, I have even gotten angry and I don't ever want to be upset with God.

Take this horrible cold winter, I have prayed so hard it wouldn't be that cold , instead this has been the coldest nastiest winter ever, and in fact, today it is snowing, like a child I have believed God could stop it from snowing., this whole month of feb I have had to climb over ice and snow to get to these cats, and see them crying , their little paws ice cold, see them trying to get to the food but couldn't because of the snow and ice, I have gone home so many days crying unable to sleep, because I can't stand seeing this, and I wonder over and over again, how God can let it be horribly cold, and snow knowing this innocent cats will suffer from it.

I don't want to ever lose my faith, but like today, it is snowing outside again, I am so weary I have been climbing over snow and ice this whole month, now I have to go out and shovel again, worry about the cats again, see them hurting, and wonder why would God do this., and it is not helping me being a alcholic and I am already suffering over this, Can you give me some answer as to why God sends such cold and snow , I felt God cares about the animals, and would hear my prayer , even though I am not perfect but trying to be,

Please I hope I hear from you, 

Thank You

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