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By Olivia - 6 Feb 2015


My name is Olivia, I've been an on again off again Vegan for about 2 years always for health reasons. However, about three months ago, I put ethics behind my reasoning and it has made all the difference. I will/can never go back.

I am so grateful that I have come across your website! My reason for contacting you guys is because I need some help.

I live in a rural town. Lots of farms, chicken houses, etc. We also have a lot of people (especially from my church) who raise their own beef, pig, chicken, etc. Its not factory farming, and they feel like it's "humane."

I believe that the creature they are killing is STILL a being, it has a soul, and can pro-create. However, that doesn't seem to go through, the argument ALWAYS goes back to "God provide these animals for us to eat." Etc.

In Gen. when God gave us the list of animals we could/couldn't eat, when Jesus fed the 5000, and when the quail were provided. To me, this was most likely because food was scarce then, eat or die kind of thing. But times are different now.

I also think of the very first diet for mankind, in the Garden of Eden. Also, in the end when the Lion will lay down with the Lamb. In the end, we will all be Vegans. So, how do I explain this to those that don't understand, those that have these (in their words) "humane farms."..Do you all have an article about small farms or those that grow and butcher their own?

I look forward to your feedback! Thanks!

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