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By Dot Hayes - 6 Feb 2015

Dear Frank, Mother Kathleen and Father Jim labeled the vegan coffee hour a "great success." 

Several people came up to them to say they were inspired by my spiritual journey and they'd pray on what God had made and consider what they should do.

It was about the best we could hope for.

It was labeled "Honoring All of God's Creation."

I got a big applause at the end. I told about God calling me to this journey, and I was humbled by it, and humbled to tell my story. 

Also, I was grateful that people seem to be listening now, that times are changing, That Jim and Kathleen heard my message and they were allowing me to bring it to them. 

Several people came up to me worried about their 

health, I didn't speak about that, I was told to stick to the journey, one woman was inspired to give up meat for lent. Another wanted

a recipe for my chickenless chicken salad, another for the lasagna, and chocolate chip cookies, and another wanted to borrow my copy of Dr. Joel Furhman's book, Eat to Live.

Frank, it was a feast of the best foods, foods everyone usually eats, including chocolate layer cake, pumpkin and banana breads with coconut icing.

I did feel humbled because I wanted them to play the CD I got through you with you and others of the church delivering the message. 

You've been knocking at church doors for a long time. But Mother Kathleen refused to play it and insisted that I tell my story, that people wanted to hear that. 

It terrified me, Frank, the whole thing, from the talk to the cooking.

I worried about a colossal failure on all levels.

God Bless, you are a mainstay for me spiritually in this effort, a pillar to my evangelizing.

Dot Hayes

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