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By Joni - 25 Jan 2015

I am reading this book (it is free on this link) As I am reading this book it is because of the factory farms that a pandemic is imminent. 

My concern is that the way the world is today, unwilling to stop eating animals that the consequence is terrible for everyone. 

This pandemic is going to happen H5N1 flu. 

Can you read this book?  It is free on the above link and each chapter is listed on the far left column, just click on them to read. 

This is Michael Greger, M.D, a very wonderful vegan doctor.

Is this pandemic what the book of Revelation says will be poured out on humanity because humans do not repent of their murders, sorceries or fornications? 

The murder of the animals will have dire consequences for all humanity!

Also there is a verse in Revelation that says humanity will have consequences for destroying God's creation.

Thank you and I appreciate your comment back to me in this regard.


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