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By Lisa - 17 Jan 2015

Thank you.        

I used to go go your site and  Now years later   was  reading about the Bear bile and was signing petitions, then learned that dogs skinned alive an left in hudge piles  and it sicken me.  

Then I read  they  where eating animals alive and skinning them  alive, I couldn't sleep,  was upset  and  praying to GOD to stop this EVIL,  and reading your site I was starting to feel better..  reading  about  the animals blood, and that they to  have souls   and  I turned to my dog, Nora and said Nora, I know you have a SOUL..  and she Sat up on her back end and raised both of her arms Straight up to the ceiling... Praise GOD..  it says in the bible  even the rock will cry out!... 

Just wanted to say Thank you for your site...  I'm smiling again.  

Thank YOU


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