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By Frank and Mary Hoffman 19 Nov 2014

Dear Karolin:
We don’t have what most people would call “special” plans for Thanksgiving, but it will definitely be a Thanksliving experience, for no animals will suffer or die for our food or enjoyment.
We will be making a whole bunch of special healthful vegan treats and meals that will extend from Thanksliving week through New Year’s week.
We agree with your assessment of Facebook, for the vast majority of people migrate to what they like and not what they need to know. It’s entertainment for them and not education. But, as you say, occasionally someone else will see our postings and hopefully become more compassionate. Choir members also have outside friends, and they also may pass along your and other people’s comments.
You could make a wonderful change in your friends life. What are you going to make for Thanksliving?

In the Love of the Lord,

Frank and Mary

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