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By Jorie - 3 Nov 2014

I've just come across your website and have been reading some of the very intense and emotional poems that you have posted.
I few short years ago I took a philosophy class at the university on Advanced Theories of Animal Rights.  The university also now offers classes on Philosophy of Feminism, Philosophy of Medical Ethics, and other contemporary issues that were not part of the university curriculum when I studied philosophy in youth.  So on the one hand, it seems that we humans have come quite the ethical distance; however, in conflict with this, the university still engages in vivisection via its medical school.  Why does this practice continue in spite of a heightened awareness regarding animal abuses?

The answer: drugs.  Americans are culpable when it comes to vivisection because Americans are pharmaceutical drug-dependent.  According to PBS Newshour, Feb 7, 2014, "Overall, Americans use more medicines than people in other developed countries."#1  This same news item goes on to report that the U.S. accounts for 34% of the world drug market.  As long as the American love affair with drugs persists, and as long as this remains such a lucrative industry for the drug companies, vivisection will also persist.  And just for the record, U.S. health, statistically speaking, is far from best.  For instance, according to Wikipedia, citing the World Health Organization 2014, the U.S. only ranks 34th when it comes to life expectancy.#2  And according toHealth News, "Top Ten Countries with Highest Cancer Rates" the U.S. has the seventh highest rate of cancer.#3  WebMD confirms this: "U.S. Has 7th Highest Cancer Rate in the World."  With all the drugs Americans consume, we are a sick nation.  So maybe it would behoove Americans to focus more on fruits and veggies and swallow less pills, and send the vivisectionists to the unemployment line.
And with these comments, I submit the following poem for your consideration to be included in All
by Jorie Rhodes

The White Coats terrorize helpless, hapless, fuzzy little critters
In cages awaiting execution by jailers
Who dissect, bisect, bypass laws of human decency
As they indulge the callousness of their trade
Upon warm, furry bodies wrapped 'round
Pharmaceutical-filled innards.
These are pathological, sociopaths
Who hide their character flaws
Beneath their laundered white coats
Laundered with money paid to PR firms
Whose job is to sanitize the reputation
Of the industry that carries on these
Satanic rituals behind closed doors
And in front of the closed eyes of a public
That feeds money to the Pharmie Lab.

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