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By Robert - 14 Sep 2014

Some of the literature from your web site showed up in my Sunday school class today so between morning and evening services I visited your web site. You probably get a lot of these e-mails.

Why did God give a list of animals that could and could not be eaten. Why was animal sacrifice used on the alter. God made the animals but know where in the Bible does it say that he breathed the soul and life into them.

All of the churches that support you are not Christian churches. Because they are liberal do not believe in eternal salvation and believe that other things have to be done to go to heaven. Your support tells on you.

There is a curse for adding or taking away from God's word. If a Man could lose His salvation It would be impossible for him to regain it. Christ is eternal salvation. For him to regain it Christ would have to be crucified afresh and Christ was crucified only once for our sin. All of the churches that support you do not believe in eternal salvation. Without the realization of eternal salvation there can be no salvation as Jesus Christ is eternal salvation. The devil presents himself as an angel of light. Your are twisting the Bible to mean what you want it to mean. Remember Jesus is coming soon. DO YOU BELIEVE GOD? When Paul Stood on the deck of the wrecked ship after he warned the captain not to set sail He said in so many words I told you so and gave God the glory. DO YOU BELIEVE GOD? I fear that you will be left behind.


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