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By Lori - 29 Sep 2014

Reverend Hoffman,

Thanks for your reply.  You may be right, but I sure hope you're not, about RC Sproul.  

Just to be clear, I still eat seafood occasionally; so I'm not 100 percent vegan.  William Wilberforce was, I believe, a committed Christian who fought cruelty against both domestic and farm animals, and yet he was not vegan.  

I'm not saying you're not right that it's best to be totally vegan, and I know someday the world will be entirely vegan (Isaiah 11).    But in the meantime, I think one thing everyone with a conscience should agree on is that we must do all we can to end factory "farming" and inhumane slaughter, which are pure evil.

Anyway, God bless you for speaking up for animals that have no voice.  God clearly loves them more than we can even fathom, as you know.

In Christ,


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