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By Lori - 28 Sep 2014

Dear Reverend and Mrs. Hoffman,

I heard RC Sproul talk about hunting deer once.  He apparently loved deer hunting.  

I wrote to his ministry, Ligonier, about factory farming, in case they didn't know and to urge them to look into it and pray about it.  I knew if they did that, they'd also speak and write about it. 

After a few emails of mine had gone ignored, I finally called Ligonier about the issue.  The director at Ligonier told me on the phone that animal cruelty is not an important issue to them; so they take "no position on it."  He was pretty rude about it on the phone, in fact, as I remember.    I just told him it would be great if they could mention it or at least look into the issue of factory farming because so many Christians admire and listen to RC and they have no idea how inhumanely factory farm animals are raised and if they knew, they'd be horrified and no longer contribute to such animal cruelty.  His answer was an emphatic "no" before he hung up the phone.  I was pretty shocked by his rudeness. 

But there is NO WAY RC Sproul is not a Christian.  I believe his eyes are not open yet to this -- after all, it took many years of my being a Christian before my eyes were open to factory farming, though I never understood, even before I became a Christian, how anyone could hunt.    

RC Sproul is considered by many Bible scholars as the greatest Christian theologian of our time, and I agree.  No way is he not saved.  We all have our blind spots.  This is his.

Those are just my thoughts as to why many in the Christian community ignore this issue.  William Wilberforce experienced the same blindness from his fellow Christians about animal cruelty, no doubt.

In Christ,


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