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By Kathy - 12 Aug 2014

Dear Frank and Mary:

Thank you so very much for your kind and timely response.

I realize how much I DON'T know about the Bible when I ask questions such as these, and appreciate your kindness in overlooking that.

I have recently signed up for a Bible Study (beginning this Wednesday), at a church I just started attending. It is run under the Church Of God, and I am hoping to learn more about the history and times of the books.

My biggest dilemma has been, as you stated, the pressure of society to eat meat, and the fact that my family thinks I am unusual in my views of animal cruelty.

I am 61, and have 5 daughters, ages 32, 29, 28, 26,17. They have known me to be vegetarian/vegan longer than omniverous, but because they don't agree with my views on animal cruelty continue to eat meat.

Do you have any scriptures that you could suggest that would encourage me that I am doing the right thing? My heart tells me it is right.

Thank you very much for your time. It means a great deal to me.



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