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By Terry Blanchard - 10 Aug 2014

Dear Mr. Bradley Miller,

As a animal rights activist and artist in the service of animals, I came across your site, finding it of considerable value and education. I was searching for Margaret Meade's quote concerning children and animal cruelty. Then finding your "counter" is such a great tool for mobilizing those who are waking up to the real truth of animals in our world.

Although being 60 years of age make me a late starter with computers, I have been an a artist for 50 years and would love to contribute or offer some of my digital art concerning animal cruelty if you could find some value on your sight.

Not looking for money, only another platform in our work. 

I utilize strong graphics with powerful, well-researched documentation aimed at finding that one individual who will become forever awakened and moved to action.

I've gone from so deeply saddened to extremely mad and determined and painful as it is will provide in any capacity art with an agenda.

Currently, I am working on addressing the Asian Dog meat industry. Today the heat is on on China and their debased, treatment of animals. I am all for a complete boycott (as much as is possible) all Chinese products. 

Perhaps my work will be a bit too-strong for your site and that is OK. I do enjoy your emphasis on God's role and the lives of all animals as part of His precious creation. Sadly, a strong, often upsetting message is needed in this current world of ours.

A few can change many. We are stronger than the majority.

Thank you for your site and the work you do


Terry Blanchard

San Diego, CA

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