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By Karolin - 24 Jul 2014

Funny how we are all different in feeling!
The other day I took my friend and her 23 year old son to a vegetarian restaurant. As we were enjoying just sitting outside, her older son called my cell phone to see if he could join us. When I told him where we are he said "I am not going to no vegetarian restaurant" then he hung up.
The younger son who accompanied us eats meat but he did get quiet during our conversation and said that he hates what happens to the animals.
I don't see that anything will change for the animals. I see so many people and groups trying on Facebook but it seems to get worse. The things that are being exposed are unlike any I have seen before. Pure evil. People just close their eyes.
I hate this. I am NOT loosing faith in God but I have felt distant. I believe in him but I can't show my love and appreciation right now. When I had Eini, I would talk to God all day long. I want that closeness back.
Btw. Eini came to me in a dream where he sat on my chest and wildly licked my face. I think he might be alright.
Frank and Mary, before I go to Germany...and this could be a year or two, I really would like to come and see you in person. Even if it is just for an hour or so. I can say honestly that you have been most influential in my life!
I also think that I would like to meet a man, a companion but working at this darn hospital it seems impossible. The only men flirting with me are married doctors!   That would be wrong....right?
Yickes, life is at a stand still for me and it has been since I started working there some 4 years ago.
I am tired of working with sick people, the pooping and peeing all over, the death.....all of it. I am also tired to be disrespected by the nurses, etc..    I keep my face and I seem very good with people and I am patient and loving...BUT IT IS JUST A FRONT, A FACE and it is not real!   I rather be with animals but this corrupted world made it so that one cannot pay the bills by working with animals.
I am sorry to vent with you but you are the one I know I can be honest with and vent!
When I talk with my mom she said that I have to stay in this job to pay the bills. I don't have a father to talk to......
What do you do when you are at a cross road?
Should I be sensible and stay to do the right thing, to pay my bills and taxes?
OR, should I take a chance and follow my heart and work to end animal cruelty?
How does one make the choice?

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