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By Karolin - 22 Jul 2014

Hi Frank and Mary,
I am sorry I have not written but that does not mean that I am not thinking about you!
You know, I am working with 2 patients at the moment, which I had the opportunity to open up a bit. It is surprising how the suffering of man goes hand in hand with the suffering of the animals.
First patient is end stages cancer. I was feeding him and somehow the conversation came up about me not drinking milk. He was surprised and asked my reasons. I told him that the by product are the calves and he flat out denied it. He said, me and my dad have been farmers and the cows give milk because they eat he is drinking his milk and is chewing on a sausage link.
Second patient. He has severe Parkinson. As it turns out, he used to work at Oscar Mayers before he decided to have a "hobby" farm. I was just talking with his wife about where they live and it turned out that they live right next door where I boarded my horse. Not knowingly I told them that I always felt bad when taking my horse for a ride because there was a pig farm and when the pigs were loaded onto the truck going to slaughter, they would scream horribly. She said "that was our farm, we had about 400 pigs at a time, my husband decided that he wanted a hobby farm".  Well, they are older and during his time at Oscar Mayer, they slaughtered pigs on premises. Yet, knowing what happens he decided to raise pigs for slaughter. Today he cannot walk and is in pain.
Many times when I talk with patients it turns out that they are or were involved in that industry and I wonder if it is something like karma.
What do you think?

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