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By Denise - 29 Jun 2014

HI, I finally got back on FB... and ... a tad aggressive about Vegan and beliefs. I am going to find my "Cannot have it both ways" and post it there, and find other places to post it.
I have to go through some of my disks, files to get all of them.. I got a new mac... so it has none of my work on it.
Anyhow.....Can you remember the years I was doing those pieces? I think 2006-2007.
Jenni Lo and some other famous folks are committing to a Vegan 22 day diet. I was thrilled to see that and posted it. My new mac does not show URL, otherwise I would copy and paste my FB URL.. but it is DENISE STEPHENS
AND... SEE attached.
As I get out of the working drudgery don't really have a heart for what I am doing world, I may ask how to work harder for animals..
And.. perhaps call once this has happened, I expect only one more year at work. I have soooo much God given talent and feel it is sooooo wasted doing something good, (Safety) but not where my soul is!!!!

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