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By Dulcimer Nielsen - 26 Jun 2014

I read several parts of your website and agree with everything I read.  "Shooting ourselves in the foot" touched on many points I made in my doctoral research summary. Following is a quote from that summary:

"Youth who grow up without exposure to the real world of nature and animals become self-absorbed and shallow.  Lured into the oxymoronic realm of “virtual reality” in front of flickering electronic screens, they become like stunted plants that atrophy before they even bloom.  They become what I call “one dimensional” – that dimension being “me”.  Too many young people are without social skills, creativity or imagination and are not being taught the most basic manners, not even “please” or “thank you”.

Think back to the appalling school shootings in the USA:  The media launched into their usual feeding frenzy of saturating viewers with bloody, sensational scenes, then panned to terrified, weeping students.  Seldom raised and never explored in depth was the obvious question:  WHY?  Why would young people, raised in relative comfort and affluence, having few real problems in the great scheme of things other than perhaps pimples and proms, carry out such incredibly callous acts of violence?

Could it be that the answer is really rather simple?  Could it be that they were never taught that any living beings other than themselves could possibly matter or have feelings?  Human beings are born selfish and demanding.  (Well, I guess all animals are, but other animal parents have more sense about discipline than we do.)  If children are not taught, nurtured, disciplined and given worthy role models to follow, they will turn that selfishness into a lifestyle.  Could it be that the parents of these monsters were already themselves well on their way to completely meaningless and selfish lives, and that as the timeline continuum advanced, their children simply perfected what their parents had begun?"

You might like to know about by eBooks - attached is a flyer with details.  I welcome comments.

Dulcimer Nielsen, PhD

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