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By Alice - 26 Jun 2014

I believe that fish feel a kind of pain, but not as we do.

I don't feel that happy with eating fish, for various reasons.

However I think we ought to be very careful to stick to the Bible.

Is it not true - and this is only from memory - that when the disciples said they couldn't catch any fish, Jesus caused their nets to be full? Or something like that?

It was in no way wrong to fish, or Jesus would not have gone with them, of that I am sure. Did Jesus not cook a breakfast which included fish?

That's a problem that I have with what you have said and as I would like to be able to answer this question myself, I would be interested to know more about why you think it is wrong to eat fish, even though Jesus was definitely connected with fishing apart from saying he would make the Disciples fishers of men.



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