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By Joyce - 5 Mar 2014

Hi Frank and Mary,
Frank, you don't realize how MUCH I appreciate your reply.  I am on an absolute "rampage" about this issue!!  "The church" does not recognize how much lack of truly loving human relatedness and nurturance CAUSES maladaptive, hard-hearted, impaired, sinning, etc. people!!  Years ago, psychology used to call such people "character disordered," meaning their impairments had been formed throughout their development, and were "woven into" their whole personalities.  You bet! This definitely goes against God's unconditional love!  And, of course, the anger, abuse, cruelty, and indifference feeds "down the line" in torture to our wonderful, marvelous animals!!  Although "the church" does many wonderful things, and speaks God's words in so many ways, in this area I feel they are "hoodwinking" the population, maybe because so many pastors have bought into what they were taught and were "hoodwinked" themselves.  Massive harm and tragedies because of the lack of real teaching and implementing the true law of love - between people, with acknowledgement that awful upbringing harms greatly and produces more awful sinners!   

Well, I could go on and on, in fact I have gone on and on!!  

Love you both, you know.  


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