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By Joyce - 4 Mar 2014

Oh Frank, we were heavily involved in the charismatic movement for years, with the emphasis on being spirit filled and speaking in tongues (which both myself, my husband, and my daughter have been able to do for years.)  Church and people were going around saying "The spirit is leading us in this direction, or that direction, etc"   People talked about who was spirit filled and who wasn't spirit filled!  
In my opinion, living in the perfect will of God definitely includes relating in wholesome devotion to the humans in our lives, as well as the animals, and
"the church" generally, has put quality human relatedness at the bottom of the priority ladder, if on the ladder at all.  Several good friends who I have talked this over with in the past few days know right away what I mean, and agree.  It is a crucially important area. 
I'm not calling myself a Christian anymore, I'm calling myself a "Follower of the Way."  Jesus said "the Way" is narrow and few will find it.  Seems so true!!!


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