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By Karolin - 22 Feb 2014

Hi Frank and Mary,  

Good news on facebook.  

A while ago I befriended someone I did not know (a friend of a friend). His name is Edward. He mailed me and asked: "Why me? I am just curious."  

So I explained that I like to tell my message to as many people as possible, so therefore I befriended him.

 I noticed that he had signed a couple of petitions that I posted.

 Well, someone asked me to share a petition with regard to not buying fur.   I shared it and got a message back that Richard signed the petition.  

All of a sudden I get a comment from his wife Rose that said: "Not only "no" to fur but also "no" to leather."  

I answered back and asked "really?" .....that is great!   

She answered back:  "Really..I am newly militant on the subject!"


That really might my cold and dark evening bright!

We probably won't see a better time on earth for the animals in our lifetime but we are paving the way for it to happen...for sure! Thank you for always being there :)

Have a great Sunday.


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