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By Craig - 6 Feb 2014

Good morning Pastor Frank,

I did check out the commentaries you referenced below, but did not see specific mention made of Genesis 9:34, which is in conflict with Genesis 1:29 & 30.  Do Christians therefore believe (conveniently) that the latter passage is the "final truth"?

It also occurs to me that Luke 23:34 has bearing.  If that passage were applied to modern-day Christians, I think it can be said that they KNOW what they do, and yet they do it anyway.  Why is that not a mortal sin that Christians should be "called" on?

There are 6 versions of the Sixth Commandment in Bibles in which the word "murder" is used, out of 8; as in "Thou shalt not murder."  Christian theology has (again conveniently) applied the term murder to humans, which by dictionary definition appears to exclude animals (though one definition says "to kill inhumanly," and that is one that could be applied to animals as well as humans).  However, Jesus himself said :  "Thou shalt not kill."

The use of the word kill INCLUDES humans, ANIMALS, and plants.  We all know that the plants have to be killed in order for humans and animals to survive, but the word kill in this context would preclude humans from killing animals, just as they are precluded from killing each other.

I am still hoping that you will address these observations for me at this time, and that perhaps you will see fit to make them a part of one of your future blog presentations.  

Thank you for getting back to me on this request.


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