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By Karolin - 13 Jan 2014

Hello Frank and Mary,
This woman I told you about, the lady with the terminal lung cancer and the apartment fire is going to hospice care later today. We had a few days to get to know each other and really hit it off, although she is more of a Buddha person. 
Anyhow, we had some really deep conversations over the past few days. Today she was telling me stories about her travels to Morocco when she was younger. She was raving about the mocha coffee over there.  So I told her that we have a "hippie" coffee shop near by and that I am going to get her a mocha there.  Now, she has no money ( or anything else for that matter) because all was destroyed in the fire. 
I told her that it is fine and that she should not worry about money, that it was just a gift from me to her.
Then she said "but you already have given me a lot of gifts" 
which I replied to "and you have also given me gifts" (we both were speaking spiritually)
She then looked at me and ask  "who's your teacher? What is his name? I would love to read his books"    I was really proud when she asked me and particularly worded you as "teacher"
So I is Frank Hoffman of All Creatures, this is who I learn everything from.
I promised her to write down your info. She does have an I Pod but she has super poor eye sight.

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