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By Karolin 11 Jan 2014

Hello Frank and Mary,
A few nights ago, we had an apartment fire in town. There was one casualty and 1 person was hospitalized.
Well, yesterday and today I have been working with the lady who was hospitalized. She was really dark, full of smoke. Her eyes were bandaged because they hurt so much. She barely made it out alive, had to be rescued by firefighters,.
Then I found out that she also has terminal lung cancer and is already in  hospice care (in her home).  To make matters worse, her cat did not make it in the fire. She was devastated.
So yesterday I noticed that she was holding a little buddha in her hands and also some reading materials that lead me to believe that she was somewhat of a spiritual person. So I grabbed the chance and told her about you and Mary, about your/our compassionate diet and how that has strengthen my spirituality and my relationship with God.
The beautiful part is that despite everything she is going through, she decided right there and then (sitting on the toilet) that she wants to become a Vegan. (you know how that goes, when people are dependent on others, it is hard to do but it is the beautiful sentiment in this case that is important).
So today I am working with her again and she did not forget. She calls it her "new way of life" 
So I warmed some of my lentil veggie soup for her to try (she admitted that she does not know where to start, so I wanted her to get a taste......I am not supposed to do that here :)  )
Have a great weekend!

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