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By Karolin about Enoch - 8 Jan 2014

Hello Frank and Mary,
Yes, I liked this article that I read about Enoch about the fallen angels teaching us eating and meat and to cook our food. It was interesting because whoever wrote this said that people are said to have lived up to 500 years of age and that over time with eating meat and cooking our food our years of life have dramatically decreased.
I liked especially the last sentence of it.
It was about a person who had a near death experience who wanted to enter what they described as heaven. The person or angel at the gate told him "you can't stay here if you eat meat".
Btw. do you believe "word for word" of the bible or do you believe that some things written in the bible have been changed by humans who are corrupt?
Lately I have run into people (good people who believe in God and they are also Vegans and Vegetarians) who tell me that the bible isn't what it seems to be.
One friend asked me to read Bart Ehrman's books. He invited me to pick one and then to discuss it.
What is your feeling about that?

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