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By Karolin - 29 Dec 2013

Hello again,
Here is an uplifting small story.
There is this young man I am taking care off, he is a prisoner. Prisoners get a food tray and they are not allowed to select their food as the patients who are on the regular floor.
Up to this day, this particular patient ate what was put in front of him.
Earlier today he asked me very politely whether or not it is possible to change his food tray. He said "I am on a Vegan diet and I would like a Vegan tray"   (you can imagine how that made my day)
So I asked his nurse if she would be so kind as to check into it and try to change his diet and she did.
Just a moment ago I asked him how long he has been a Vegan and he said "3 months"
I asked him what made him decide to change, so he answered "my religion, my faith and Genesis, Deuteronomy, Jobs and Exodus"  He went on to say that after reading the bible he knows that we are not to eat meat and that we must love all of creation.
I thought WOW!
If a 27 year old prisoner realizes that by reading the bible, why don't most pastors?
This made me very happy and excited.

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