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By Mary - 21 Nov 2013 (2)

And Frank...this is not you but don't you really resent it when they call animals LIVESTOCK...since when is a living animal called they were pieces of plastic to be made into hangers or something...I'm sorry but my blood is boiling again over these horses as I remember you telling me how much the horses will know what is  happening (as all the animals) but they are extremely skittish so as bad as all of this is how on earth are they going to "kill these poor horses".....I would love to kill them....sorry for saying that Frank but I would...I signed all the petitions you posted and I have the phone numbers to call Washington tomorrow which I surely will and will continue to do all I can to help but when all is said and done, I am so fed up with these people and I don't care how sick they are...that does not  help the animals..when Ted Bundy was killing those poor girls I could not find it in my heart to say "the poor thing was sick"...maybe in a lot of time I might but right now, there is  no way I could ever forgive anyone who does these things..see what a much better person you are.


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