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By Karolin - 10 Nov 2013

Hi Frank and Mary,
Happy Sunday!
That is good to know because I was starting to get confused :)  I will keep on it though.
I think that they don't know the truth and more sadly, they don't care about the truth.
The patient I told you about a while back, the one who has the Vegan friend that told him "don't you know what the animals go through in a slaughter house?"  and his answer was "I don't know what they go through but I know what they taste like when they come out"
Well, the doctors diagnosed him with liver disease (he is also almost 500 pounds heavy and can hardly walk). Funny thing is that when you research food good/bad for the liver, you will read to stay off meat and dairy products.  Why don't they tell people to stay off those products before they get sick. They advertise that milk is good for the bones and that people should eat their beef but then they get sick from it.
I gave this patient some ideas on food and I told him that he is lucky to have this Vegan friend who will help him with his diet.
His answer was "I will never be a Vegan".........not "I will try"....or..."I will think about it""never".....not even a vegetarian. 
Well, when I observe him and I see that he feels discouraged and depressed, I can't help thinking of the animals and how much worse they have it. I do well by this patient but deep down I don't feel bad for him,, I feel mad at him!  Because even though he has been told the truth by his Vegan friend and by me, he decided that he does not care.
On a good note, yesterday I worked with a girl who is trying to be a Vegan. She told me that her best friend is Vegan and that she is very disturbed by the animal horrors. She was very sweet and open about talking, so I gave her a CVA pamphlet. My personal feeling about her is that she is sincere and she is putting her best food forward. 

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