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By Glynis - 24 Oct 2013

Thank you.

I'm in Meriden CT. The building is cinder block type and wood. The city owns it.

It is a new building that the original design had windows and another door to my knowledge and has been reduced by those options when the director also said she would pay for the windows and exit herself she was denied.

The building is a shared facility with the Meriden humane society a private no kill shelter and they are wonderful and the Meriden dog pound is the other half. It is also classified as a storage facility.

I have calls into the fire marshal (whom has told the director of the shelter its ok) but I haven't had a return call. It's not ok. The animals are not safe nor are the persons in the building should an emergency occur. I did call a large state shelter in Newington and they have a sprinkler system.

I hate to say it but I feel the town officials would give themselves a raise before doing the right thing :( totally disgusting. I have no hopes in the city being of any assistance at all instead I'm sure of push back.

I also have called the state fire marshal which referred me to the city guy to try to get documented codes and explanations for the classification of the building, but the city guy will not call me back and he seems never to be in the office. If you know of any possible ways to help I would appreciate it.

Thank You.


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