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By Joni - 3 Oct 2013

I was on the Internet and came across this churchís web page and a sermon on vegans.  It is appalling!  Please if you would, read this and then give me your thoughts in regard to this.  No wonder all my Christian family and friends avoid me for being a vegan.  They must believe what this pastorís message states.  I am sure their pastors have said similar fact my cousin tells me her pastor preached that we are to eat animals.  Also my Christian friend accused me of being of the devil if I did not repent and eat animals again.

If there are pastors who preach to 125,000 members of their church and say what this pastor wonder it is such a battle for a vegan Christian.

I am feeling alone in the Christian world since I am a vegan and a voice that speaks up for the animals that are so mistreated, killed and eaten.

Feeling sad ☹


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