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By Laura - 16 Sep 2013

Dear Reverend Hoffman,

I've been in the animal advocacy movement since 2001, after opening my eyes to the truth regarding human ideologies affecting our treatment of animals and how, over centuries, that has shaped human society.

I also see that we are not educated, but assimilated through media, our education "system," and most sadly, religious institutions, to consider animals purpose as being for human utility. From Jews and Christians alike, they tell me that Gd put them here for human benefit.

Yesterday I walked into the North Conway Lutheran Church just as the service started, after reading in the local paper they were having a free lunch that included "good protein," in the form of chicken and tuna.

Besides dealing with  an "Ag-gag"  bill here in NH, hunting season's upon us, increasing threats from human created climate issues, and all the other things AR advocates have learned, our churches and Jewish Chavurah group (I'm Jewish by the way) all have animal products on the menu. It's distressing.

I stayed for the service and made some notes as I listened to the words being said and sung, the over-arching theme being Gd's mercy and love and other phrases that made me wonder how the Pastor could over look the food choices.

At the end of the service after everyone has shaken her hand, she saw me standing in the pew and came over. I started to cry. We spoke and she recalled that years before, I had called and left a message about the beef chili they were serving at a function and said after that, they added a veggie chili and that their lunch had lots of veggie salads.

I told her about the urgency I had learned about from watching some excerpts from John McDougall's Advanced Study Week-end of John Goodland, twenty three year World Bank Environmental Advisor, speaking on 2017 being a tipping point for climate disasters if we do not drastically reduce animal agriculture and consumption of this stuff.

I asked her if she'd be willing to be part of a valley wide forum in which the issues facing us are discussed such as GMO's, agriculture, and protecting Creation by turning words into actions. She gave me her email and said that she attends a monthly meeting a valley clergy and for me to email her about this.

I am contacting you to see if you would be willing to participate as a speaker, either by phone or Skype, to offer your counsel to those who lead religious venues here in my area?

I need the help of those in the religious community who understand the urgency of reaching out to those in the religious community that have overlooked or ignored our obligation as stewards and protectors, to care for Creation, currently under assault.

I was considering contacting Steve Kaufman, Richard Schwartz, and if you know anyone else who is willing to participate, I'd appreciate their contact.

The Pastor will be gone for two weeks but asked that I email her with a request for a meeting with valley clergy. I will work on organizing something for late October or November.

Thank you so much for considering this.



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