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By Mary - 12 Aug 2013

Hi Frank,

How have you and Mary been?  Fine I hope.  

I don't have anything to send to you just yet, but I'm working on senators and reps about that horrible King amendment...what kind of a person is he anyway...they don't make them any lower than this vile unfeeling monster.  

I'm sorry Frank but I can no longer hold my temper and am losing so many friends.  They just refuse to watch even a minute of any factory farm videos, and it infuriates me that they live in their nice tidy little worlds while animals are going through the worst suffering known to man and they don't want to know...well, I put as many things as I can on FB with videos attached and dare them to watch just a minute and then see if their meal tastes good.  I'm not asking them to stop eating meat if that is the case...just to make calls and take some action against factory farming...NO MEAT until they are gone and by then people will be so sick of the thought of eating an animal maybe it will stop altogether...

I don't know if I can go on Frank, or if I even want to.  I don't know how you live with this day in and day out and then be a religious leader on top of it...

We weren't going to get involved in what happened to the Jewish people..tried to look the other way...what kind of a horrible country are we living in anyway...we are supposed to be the leaders and all we are are the most greediest, most cruel, most power hungry monsters in the world..

I read your website and the part where you show how many animals are being killed each minute and it just tears my insides out...I just pray they will be with God..

I also send a video to FB about a girl that has done extensive studies on animals and scientists agree also that animals feel the same way we feel so we do we think we are to do to them what we are also says..go ahead..look the other can run and hide but not forever...cowards so they can continue to have their cookouts and fun.

They make me sick.  So I have lost many friends but that is ok...I don't care any more...if they want to eat an animal that has been tortured beyond belief, then I do not want any part of them.  Sorry Frank..I know you love people but I HATE THEM. and I also pray that God shows them NO MERCY whatsoever on judgment day as they are murderers.  I hope you don't just say I am sorry and then be forgiven...not for what they have done...I pray there is a hell and they are in it as the animals that they killed.  

Thank you for listening to me Frank...I think I am really losing it.


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