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By Margarete - 11 Aug 2013

I'm a watercolorist...a recovering stroke survivor...and God helped me through my recovery.  I discovered watercolor after my stroke, and am only now discovering landscape paintings.  One of my challenges is painting mist, fog, sunbeams through the tree canopy...and I've pretty well discovered how to succeed in those challenges using my own techniques and now must finesse those techniques.  :))  :))  I love to see how other artists have met their challenges...and, thus, I discovered!
I was awed, first by the photographs, and then your art, and then your vision for God's Creation!  I also am a Child of God.  I believe in one of the first things God directed us to do:  What we should use as our "meat" (herbs)! 0
I will spend more time on exploring your site, as this site makes me very happy.  Thank you!

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