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By Joni - 12 Jul 2013

I realized the family in our church that was vegan have no longer stayed with the vegan diet.  I wrote the wife a message: "I am wondering if you gave up on the vegan diet. If so, why?", and this was her response.       

Joni, our reason for trying it was for health reasons and never out of a sense of conviction. We've added back in cheese, eggs, and occasional chicken/fish. We are still heavy on the plant-based just as we've always been.

Jon went for his blood work-up and his B vitamins were below normal. He has always had a problem with vitamin B absorption, so he has taken supplements since he was a kid. Unfortunately the medication he is on for his medical issues makes absorption of B vitamins even more difficult. Bottom line, the vegan diet just wasn't fulfilling all of his nutrient needs.

And since that was the whole point for trying vegan, we didn't feel the need to continue.

I am experiencing a big heart ache. 

I really thought the Lord had opened their eyes and hearts to being vegan, but that is not the case.  I am so sad :(

In Christ,