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By Kim 30 Jun 2013

Dear Frank,

I agree.   All forms of animal exploitation are horrible.

From my experience in doing educating public, leafleting, ... on animal cruelty, I came into a conclusion that people don't want to (or can/t) change or hear the truth, that they know the horrible truth but they don't want to change for good, since eating meat is the biggest pleasure human have.  I don't think we can't make impact on their life.  My family is one example.  I tried to show them the truth, they seemed seeing it but they said that I cannot change a million people out there and my family just continued eating animal flesh.

I tried to avoid using products that animal testing but my family does not care about that kind of stuff.  Ironically, those products that animal testing have good quality and cheaper price.

I have argument with my family often.... like, I care about animals who are here for human to consume.  Everyday I've been torturing by seeing them  cut meat, cook chicken, etc....  My heart squeezed.

I don't know if I'm ready for the last day yet, but when I think about what animals have to go through, I cry physically and spiritually, and just wish the last day of the world came.

Please forgive me and help me Frank.  I confess that I hate God.  Why does he let it happens.