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All-Creatures Ministry and Web Site
By Mark Sutton - 25 May 2013

Dear Mary and Frank:

Thank you so much for the fine review and mention on your site, as well as in your Newsletter.  Self-marketing a self-published book has been most demanding, and quite a struggle.  I'm hoping I can eventually teach as well as lecture (and not on just things pizza!).  I can't get corporate mainstream veg media to pay attention to my work (VegNews after a year, still has not reviewed the copies I sent them), but I learned from Howard to just keep moving forward in the right spirit and for the right reasons.

Here's the text I used in my blog post about your review:

"The All Creatures Website has been around for OVER 15 years! One of the original vegan, animal rights websites, it is chockful of recipes, news, reviews, and information.  An obvious labor of love by the Mary and Frank Hoffman Foundation (who've supported and donated to many very important animal rights/vegan documentaries and projects over the past decade and a half), it's old school in design, but still retains its timeliness in content, heart, and spirituality.

I'm honored that they recently reviewed my book here.  An excerpt:

"The thing we like best about Heart Healthy Pizza are the wonderfully different ideas for making heart healthy vegan pizza; things that we hadn't even thought of in our decades of creating healthful vegan recipes, and publishing them on our web site."

The Recipes (with photos) section of this website is extraordinary and one of the first truly comprehensive collections of vegan recipes and animal rights information on the web.  Think about it:  15 years ago this was a godsend. It was still amazing and vital resource to many of us struggling forward without the plethora of vegan cookbooks, websites, blogs, and social media sources available these days to help people eat healthier and vegan.  By all means, check this out!  They've obviously influenced many a recent vegan cookbook author (including, I'm proud to say, yours truly!).  Lord knows how many people they've helped with their web and financial resources.

And while you're at it, check out their newsletter, and pass the link on to someone you know.  This is from two of the original groundbreakers, those who were swimming against society's tide long before many of us had our first tofu burger!  You want to see how far we've come and why? here's one of the reasons: They showed us the true power of the Internet, long before anyone else in the movements!  Explore, learn, enjoy, and marvel at their dedicated and altruistic efforts.  Thank God for all they've done, and I for one, will always be appreciative.  They were a digital oasis in a lonely world at the time, and I'll never forget the comfort I gained from spending time on their website.  Kudos!"

I meant everything I wrote!  Thank you so much for everything you've done over the years.